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What is the best way to get a virus, or to protect myself.

Causual and even sometimes advanced computer users think that just putting a disk into your
machine that you can not get a virus. A virus can use memory, and become "memory resintant" so
it does not need a file to get into your computer. Just putting a Thumb Drive or a disk into the drive
can cause the virus to take hold of your computer.

Well if I only buy "Sealed or commerical" software I can not get a virus. Not at all true, there have been
a few times that "Commerical" software has had a virus in it. It was because of an upset employee that
had access to information and used that to his advantage. It is not something that happens very often,
companies (i.e. Microsoft, Norton, Adobe) take a lot of precaution to be sure that it does not happen. It is
very costly for the company. Although this issue very rarely occurs it is still a possibility.

Just because you do not download anything from the internet, it is still possiable to get a virus. Most companies
keep the virus information on their site up to date, others might not. Going to a web site, the person that created it
might do so with the intent to spread their "Virus", "Spyware", "Trojan horses" and other applications to hurt your

Reading my Email, I am totally safe from a virus. Sorry, but that it is not true. There is two issues on this
topic. If you are reading a "text" only Email you are fairly safe. Now if you have an attachment, and it is
not opened, you are fairly safe. So if someone sends you a file, that states you need to review this and
give me comments. There is a 90% chance that it was not what you think it is. If it is someone that you
know, call them and ask if that is what was really meant to be seen. This is the most common method
of getting a virus to a large amount of computer users.

Just looking at a web site, is not going to give you a virus. A virus needs to be in an appliication, for either
(Windows, Apple, Linux). Now the site can have scripts that will run when you are on the site. It might try to
install information Look at this page, that shows a good example of how a script can be used to harm your