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Setting up your web site with Page-Developer

This guide was set up to allow you to know what is needed to set up your web site. Listed is the steps that are required to get the site up and running to allow it to be seen by your customers.

First: You need to get your domain name. That is the name that someone can use to find your business. The company that we use is called GoDaddy out of Arizona. There are many different companies that you can use. We use Godaddy.com, because of the customer service, and ease of use online. If you use Godaddy your name will run about 15 a year. You can buy longer also, which is a good idea. That way you do not need to remember each year to renew your Domain Name.

This is a fairly painless process, Page-Developer will set up this for you. It is needed to allow your company name (Domain Name) to be seen on the World Wide Web (www.yourcompany.com) The server usually runs about 200.00 a year. The hosting account is yours not, Page-Developer. We can help you with questions if you need. This will allow you to use E-commerence if you want to sell online. This will require a Credit Card Processing account.

Once your account is set up, we will help you build your site and get it ready to be seen by your customers. The more on the site, the higher the cost will go. We can discuss this in more detail when make the decision.

Once we get started with your site, we will need any logos you have and electronic content you might have. Any specific information that you would ilke on the site, more about your company, with phone numbers and contact information. We can also post any of the documents that you get request for.

We can start setting up your site as soon as we get most of the information that want on the site. We need information for the opening page, so that it will talk about what your company does.

Once we have a site that are happy with, we can post it to your actual site. Before that we will post it on a site that will only be known by you and anyone else that you want to be able to view it.